What to Look For in a Pain Management Clinic

You may be looking for a pain management clinic in Vaughan, but there are some things you should do before you make an appointment. For example, you should take a copy of your medical history, which can be obtained from your GP. Ideally, the medical history should include most tests, investigations, x-rays, scans, and treatments you have received previously. Providing this information to your new pain specialist can help them diagnose and evaluate your treatment.

Qualities of a pain management doctor:

Before you visit a pain management clinic, you should find out who will be providing your care. While many patients may visit a generalist physician, you will also want to know which doctors are affiliated with a pain management program. Generalists can be a physician, nurse practitioners, or physician’s assistants. Your initial appointment will probably consist of a physical exam, an interview about your medical history, and a pain assessment. You will also likely be scheduled for diagnostic and imaging tests. Ideally, your pain doctor will be a multidisciplinary clinic that will pay equal attention to your medical, social, and family history.

Group therapies:

Before visiting a pain management clinic, you may want to attend group therapies. These sessions help people cope with pain and cope better with social situations. The duration of these programs varies from two to four weeks, but most are residential. They are conducted by a team of doctors, psychologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and nurses. They focus on educating patients on ways to cope with pain and increase their confidence.

Keeping a pain diary:

Keeping a daily pain diary can be very helpful for several reasons. It will help your physician understand your health better, and it will give him more data to work with when diagnosing your condition. You may want to record where you feel pain, how intense it is, how often you have it, and how it affects your daily activities. It may be helpful to include any treatment or therapy you have tried in the past, including how it made you feel.

Choosing a pain management clinic is not as simple as picking any other medical practice. There are several factors to consider before selecting one. For starters, make sure that the doctor you choose is board-certified and that he or she has the proper credentials. You should also find out how comfortable you will be with the doctors there. Additionally, make sure you fully understand the pain management agreement. After all, the goal is to get rid of chronic pain and return to a productive life.