The CityThe city is full of dangerous obstacles, from building, lampost, people, shops, bad drivers, police and everything in between. Some businesses utilise vehicle access control on entry to car parks to overcome some of these issues. But this is only a start. There needs to be more.

In this post I’m going to talk about what I think are the 3 most important elements t make sure you keep your supercar (or just car if you are like us normal people) safe when you travel into the city.

1.) Parking & Storage

We previously mentioned that most businesses have vehicle detectors for employees. This means you can have an extremely secure parking lot for your employees and guests. The issue is, what happens if you are travelling into the city on the weekend, or if your particular business doesn’t have a secure underground parking facility, what do you do then?

ParkingWell there are 2 solutions: 1.) Park your car next to a very open road. This is called the reverse principle and involves people being more careful when they can clearly see something of value. 2.) Alternatively you can leave your car roof down, sunglasses on the seat and park as close to the place you are trying to get. This theory was coined by Marco Jenson of Harvard University – He tested parking a Lamborghini in a busy city location that is notorious for crime and leaving his sunglasses on the seat (designer of course.) He did this on 10 separate occasions at varying times over the course of the month. This included having the top down on the car so the sunglasses were not only visible but easy to reach. The result? No issues at all. The funny part? His friend who had a generic ford mondeo parked 2 minutes down the road and was broken into within that same time period. The exact psychology isn’t quite known yet but there is a theory that when something is respected a lot people won’t take advantageous of it or try to steal from a great car.

2.) Insurance

This is pretty standard but when you head into the city there is a chance that you will get scratches on your car. Maybe even be in an accident that can lead to 1,000s in damage. This is why having good insurance is so important. Anyone can have something that will give you excess of £5,000. If you have the cash flow then I recommend going higher and paying less on your insurance in the longrun. If you don’t have that kind of cashflow then I would recommend getting a lot lower excess. It might be very expensive in the long run but unless you have more peace of mind.

3.) Leave it At Home

Finally I wanted to talk about an option that most people never consider – There are so many Uber Exec, Lux and Limo services in major cities now. Knowing the surroundings better than anyone. It might be worth leaving the car at home and taking these services. If you have the money you can travel in style in an Uber Lux or a Limo. If you don’t then there is always the option for an Uber Exec or standard Uber’s which primarily now are Toyota Prius.