What to Expect When Driving a Supercar

What to Expect When Driving a Supercar

Supercar Image from rearAfter you have acquired one or two supercars, depending on how much you spent on, you’d probably be ecstatic to do your first drive. Many first time owners of supercar seem to underestimate the power of the supercar itself. Experts and those who have their supercars think those who see their supercars like just any ordinary or regular car are crazy in the heads. But that will be their first impressions up until they get the maximum performance that their supercars can do.

Acquiring supercars, knowing that most of them are limited, can only mean that there are only a few of you that owns one. It is at this point that you are going to do your mental Q&A. Expect the following questions to be asked of you multiple times each day when you drive your supercar. And have patience with it even if they keep repeating the same issues since different individuals will ask them.

  1. How fast you have driven with the car
  2. How long you have had the supercar
  3. Can they take a picture of it (sometimes they just go ahead and take a picture without asking permission)
  4. Can you open the hood?
  5. What is this car?
  6. How much the supercar costs
  7. They usually follow it up with a question of how many Mustang GT cars can be bought at the price you stated, particularly when the rice is way more than the basic price of a Mustang GT
  8. Are you married
  9. Can I get in and ride with you?
  10. Do you have kids?
  11. How much money you make
  12. What do you do to get a living
  13. Did you take a look at the 458
  14. How many tickets have you acquired

Often, you will also be asked more personal and intrusive questions from an individual that you had just met a couple of seconds ago.


In this sense, you need to be ready for random encounters. You have to expect them and set them into your daily schedule. While some supercar owners feel like they are just driving a typical car, most of the time car owners tend to forget what happens on a regular day when you drive a car. Start it off by needing gas – go to a gas station, fill it up and then drive away. If you are hungry, you drive to your favourite restaurant or fast food, dine in or take out then go your way. Do you need something from a store? Drive down to wherever store it is and purchase what it is that you want. If you find a need to do some of these activities, add some 20 or 30 minutes to everything to get it done.

Amongst all the activities written above, the most time consuming is filling up the tank with gas. Once you are out of your supercar, you are surrounded by people who are bored with pumping gas and taking a look around. And what do you expect? They’ll strike a random conversation with you up until the point they talk about your supercar. Sometimes, they ask you that the very first time they speak to you. If you are interested in hiring a supercar we have connections with Lamborghini car hire, they are based in the UK but ship to any country in the world. They have a wide range of cars specifically Lamborghini’s but also have connections with Ferrari and Aston Martins.

How to Protect Your Vehicle When Around the City

How to Protect Your Vehicle When Around the City

The CityThe city is full of dangerous obstacles, from building, lampost, people, shops, bad drivers, police and everything in between. Some businesses utilise vehicle access control on entry to car parks to overcome some of these issues. But this is only a start. There needs to be more.

In this post I’m going to talk about what I think are the 3 most important elements t make sure you keep your supercar (or just car if you are like us normal people) safe when you travel into the city.

1.) Parking & Storage

We previously mentioned that most businesses have vehicle detectors for employees. This means you can have an extremely secure parking lot for your employees and guests. The issue is, what happens if you are travelling into the city on the weekend, or if your particular business doesn’t have a secure underground parking facility, what do you do then?

ParkingWell there are 2 solutions: 1.) Park your car next to a very open road. This is called the reverse principle and involves people being more careful when they can clearly see something of value. 2.) Alternatively you can leave your car roof down, sunglasses on the seat and park as close to the place you are trying to get. This theory was coined by Marco Jenson of Harvard University – He tested parking a Lamborghini in a busy city location that is notorious for crime and leaving his sunglasses on the seat (designer of course.) He did this on 10 separate occasions at varying times over the course of the month. This included having the top down on the car so the sunglasses were not only visible but easy to reach. The result? No issues at all. The funny part? His friend who had a generic ford mondeo parked 2 minutes down the road and was broken into within that same time period. The exact psychology isn’t quite known yet but there is a theory that when something is respected a lot people won’t take advantageous of it or try to steal from a great car.

2.) Insurance

This is pretty standard but when you head into the city there is a chance that you will get scratches on your car. Maybe even be in an accident that can lead to 1,000s in damage. This is why having good insurance is so important. Anyone can have something that will give you excess of £5,000. If you have the cash flow then I recommend going higher and paying less on your insurance in the longrun. If you don’t have that kind of cashflow then I would recommend getting a lot lower excess. It might be very expensive in the long run but unless you have more peace of mind.

3.) Leave it At Home

Finally I wanted to talk about an option that most people never consider – There are so many Uber Exec, Lux and Limo services in major cities now. Knowing the surroundings better than anyone. It might be worth leaving the car at home and taking these services. If you have the money you can travel in style in an Uber Lux or a Limo. If you don’t then there is always the option for an Uber Exec or standard Uber’s which primarily now are Toyota Prius.

Car Quality Index

Car Quality Index


Long term quality index


Whether you are looking to buy a family vehicle or a supercar, something you should keep in mind is reliability and quality. Car Quality index is an attempt to provide objective and factual analysis. Important thing to keep in mind is that there is no one complete, fully perfect method of estimating the quality of a vehicle, which is not the goal of this index, but rather to compare quality and reliability of two vehicles. Data of car quality index relies on the number and type of vehicles in use to provide a general sense of what a specific vehicle model will behave like. Reliability of the data also depends on the sample size of vehicles: more vehicles of the same type provide more accurate data, and vice versa. Quality index rating goes from 0 to a 100, while vehicles with 70+ score are proven to be more reliable. Factors that affect this rating are usually powertrain issues and mileage. Main focus is on big mechanical components, while indexing doesn’t include information about air conditioning or any of the fancy components that don’t actually influence the mechanical quality of the car.

Car Quality


All this data is usually gathered from car trade-ins and official technical exam authorized mechanics. What you want to do in this case is disregard the owners opinion about car’s condition, or the one an agent in a dealership gives you, while focusing on pure facts given by an expert/mechanic, or an independent dealership that doesn’t market specific brands. Always let the professionals figure it out. Also, another important thing to note is: you get what you give. Certainly, there are cases where someone hits a jack pot by paying a small amount of money for a great car deal, and there are cases where people paid a small fortune and lived to regret it. But in most cases money spent equals quality/reliability received. Also, newer and up-and-coming brands tend to focus on attracting new customers by creating products of equal quality as competitors, but selling them for a slightly less amount of money. Some people take the legacy approach, putting trust in the legacy a certain company has created over the decades of experience and they put their trust into that.

Whatever approach you take, make sure you trust the facts over your feelings, and disregard what anyone but an expert is telling you.

Amenities and benefits given by North Dakota hotels for supercar ads

Amenities and benefits given by North Dakota hotels for supercar ads

As we mention before, some hotels in North Dakota offer secure parking lots with awesome perks. Another one of the perks hotels offer is actually advertising supercars, some even offer free track days for customers of the hotel. Companies that create supercars can choose to advertise their products to chosen clientele.


LaFerariWays of advertising these cars are different, from huge billboards outside of hotels and posters near the entrances, to commercials playing on TV between movies or TV shows you are watching. Times are changing, and the ads are getting smarter as well. Subconscious and subliminal messages can influence the way we think even without us ever noticing. That’s why one poster or a billboard can make a difference between buying this supercar or that supercar, of course, if you can afford it. It all depends on how much money you have, and how much money a company is willing to spend on marketing.


Billboards are everywhere nowadays, as well as posters, and people got quite accustomed to those, and they may not be as effective as before, even though they still give a lot of exposure. For an extra bit of money, a company can pay a hotel to advertise their car in every TV, in every room, where every guest will see it. You never know who is staying over, and exactly this can make a huge difference in a potential customer’s mind. Some companies prefer to take more direct approach, spending more money on huge billboards right in front of the hotel, while others choose to be a bit more subtle, to have their posters conveniently posted at the end of a long hallway, so you cannot avoid seeing it while walking towards your room. Other companies can choose to combine both subtle and direct approaches.

We know that supercars aren’t affordable to everyone, and that’s part of the reason why we consider them so luxurious. Every product has its own targeted audience, and every hotel has it’s on kind of clientele, depending on affordability, among other things. This is why, logically, more expensive hotels will adjust their ads accordingly, depending on who their guests are, not just because a guest might buy that certain supercar, but also because those ads also represent a lifestyle that they are selling. Those ads have to be unique, refined and elegant, and to compliment already extraordinary lifestyle their potential customers are living.

Red river valley safe parking

Red river valley safe parking

Keeping your supercar safe in specialized supercar parking lots


Supercars are trademark symbols of wealth and luxury, but keeping them safe while you’re away is not an easy nor a cheap task. Because of this, some hotels in Red River valley have specialized parking lots, specifically designed to keep supercars safe and intact. Located underground, and only accessible to authorized personnel, with around-the-clock video surveillance, these lots are  created for top of the line safety. With security guards on all entrances, it is guaranteed that no unwanted “guests” will ever come close to your supercar.

But leaving your car here is not only about keeping it safe, it is also about keeping it looking spotless and impeccable. There are various options available for you to choose from: cleaning, waxing, polishing, tire change, etc. These are just some of the choices, with the option to make an individual deal about anything you want done to your supercar. Rest assured, anything you choose will be done by top of the line professionals and experts, with years experience when it comes to dealing with rare and unique cars.


Supercars parkingsCombined cost of supercars in these parking lots exceeds millions and millions of dollars, so you can imagine that keeping them safe and sound doesn’t come easy or cheap, but if you already own a supercar, you’re most likely not going to care about the cost of keeping your car in these underground garages.


So, if you are lucky enough to be the owner of one ( or more ) of these luxurious and precious vehicles, these specialized underground parking lots might just suit your needs. There is no time limit to how long your supercar can stay parked inside these lots, and the only thing you might worry about if you decide to leave your car here for a prolonged period of time is dust. Hopefully this little article provides enough insight about what to expect from these specialized parking garages, and rest assured, if your supercar is in one of these parking lots, you have one less thing to worry about.


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