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Car Quality Index

  Long term quality index   Whether you are looking to buy a family vehicle or a supercar, something you should keep in mind is reliability and quality. Car Quality index is an attempt to provide objective and factual analysis. Important thing to keep in mind is that there is no one complete, fully perfect method of estimating the quality of a vehicle, which is not the goal of this index, but rather to compare quality and reliability of two vehicles. Data of car quality index relies on the number and type of vehicles in use to provide a...

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Red river valley safe parking

Keeping your supercar safe in specialized supercar parking lots   Supercars are trademark symbols of wealth and luxury, but keeping them safe while you’re away is not an easy nor a cheap task. Because of this, some hotels in Red River valley have specialized parking lots, specifically designed to keep supercars safe and intact. Located underground, and only accessible to authorized personnel, with around-the-clock video surveillance, these lots are  created for top of the line safety. With security guards on all entrances, it is guaranteed that no unwanted “guests” will ever come close to your supercar. But leaving your...

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