As we mention before, some hotels in North Dakota offer secure parking lots with awesome perks. Another one of the perks hotels offer is actually advertising supercars, some even offer free track days for customers of the hotel. Companies that create supercars can choose to advertise their products to chosen clientele.


LaFerariWays of advertising these cars are different, from huge billboards outside of hotels and posters near the entrances, to commercials playing on TV between movies or TV shows you are watching. Times are changing, and the ads are getting smarter as well. Subconscious and subliminal messages can influence the way we think even without us ever noticing. That’s why one poster or a billboard can make a difference between buying this supercar or that supercar, of course, if you can afford it. It all depends on how much money you have, and how much money a company is willing to spend on marketing.


Billboards are everywhere nowadays, as well as posters, and people got quite accustomed to those, and they may not be as effective as before, even though they still give a lot of exposure. For an extra bit of money, a company can pay a hotel to advertise their car in every TV, in every room, where every guest will see it. You never know who is staying over, and exactly this can make a huge difference in a potential customer’s mind. Some companies prefer to take more direct approach, spending more money on huge billboards right in front of the hotel, while others choose to be a bit more subtle, to have their posters conveniently posted at the end of a long hallway, so you cannot avoid seeing it while walking towards your room. Other companies can choose to combine both subtle and direct approaches.

We know that supercars aren’t affordable to everyone, and that’s part of the reason why we consider them so luxurious. Every product has its own targeted audience, and every hotel has it’s on kind of clientele, depending on affordability, among other things. This is why, logically, more expensive hotels will adjust their ads accordingly, depending on who their guests are, not just because a guest might buy that certain supercar, but also because those ads also represent a lifestyle that they are selling. Those ads have to be unique, refined and elegant, and to compliment already extraordinary lifestyle their potential customers are living.