Supercar Manufacturers
Was a French car company that regained reputation for Veyron and Chiron models.
Italian company owned by VW group. Veneno, Aventador, Huracan.
Italian company, famous for models Zonda and Huayra.
Italian company, founded by Enzo Ferarri, with a long history in both car and formula racing.
Swedish company created one of the most expensive supercars, model CCXR Trevita, costing almost 5 million $
Division of a German company Daimler AG, but is the owner of Maybach Motorenbau.
Supercars Engine Power
Everything about a supercar has to be impeccable and high end, from front to back. When it comes to the engine of a supercar, it’s all about how much power you can squeeze out of it, without risking a breakdown or a failure. It’s all about the sound of roaring lions and Swiss clock-like performance that those gas guzzling v10 or v12 engines produce, working as synchronized as possible. Their thirst is insatiable and their power will make you stick to the seat like glue.
Our Team Members

Joseph Beck

43 year old mechanic with 20 years of experience in FerrariHire. Started working in a family owned car repair shop where he gained basic knowledge. After that, he developed interest in high-end cars and has  been working on those since.

Andrew Moss

37 year old car body painter and an interior car designer. His experience ranges from working on family cars to working on luxurious cars such as Ferarri, Porsche, Bentley, Jaguar, etc. Master of his craft.

John Smith

51 year old electrician, with more than 3 decades of experience. Car industry has been changing alongside him, and he has been carefully observing and upgrading his skills accordingly. Best thing about him is, he is still as eager and willing to learn as the day he started working.

Chris Woods

Youngest one in the crew, “only” 26 years old, but he has been around cars since he was a child, picking up craft from his father. Who worked at Aston Martin Driving Experience Supercar enthusiast and service assistant, dependable and professional. Right hand of his fellow mechanic, young energy of the service.

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Latest On Our Blog
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